16 yr Old Program

Step 1:  Study for your written test.
You can pick up a learning manual from your local DMV, school, or come into our office for our specialized written test preparation.
Step 2:  Pass your written test.
You can pass your written test in school, at our office, or at the DMV.  If you pass your exam at your school or at our office, you will receive a card that shows that you have passed.  This card—once shown to the DMV—will grant you your learner's permit. 
Step 3:  Get your learner's permit and pass your vision test.
Once you have passed your written test, you can get your learner's permit from your local DMV.  New Jersey State Law requires that you are accompanied by a licensed driving school. 
Step 4:  Complete the 6 hours behind-the-wheel driving course with Falcon Driving School.
New Jersey State Law requires that you complete 6 hours behind-the-wheel with a licensed driving school before you can have possession of your learner's permit.  Call us for our competitive rates!
...and that's it!  Now you have possession of your permit.  There are restrictions to how and when you can drive though.  Click here for details.

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